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Give as little as $0.10 per Tweet, post or other action to show the opposition you’re willing to match them action-for-action!

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All Out

With your help, we’ll turn a hateful hashtag (#BoycottTarget) into campaigns for LGBT equality.

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The City of Evanston

Let's turn every tree cut down in Evanston into $ for new plantings!

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Moms Demand Action

We are using the NRA's tweets to help raise money for common-sense gun laws.

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You control exactly which causes and organizations you support. Exactly how much you give.

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What if 1,000s of supporters automatically donated $1 every time “the other side” Tweeted or posted — or even gave an interview — about ideas you oppose?

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Ready to turn "bad" things into $ for good? We’re here to help! iKeedo can automate nearly any data set (from shots fired to ads aired to social media posts) and turn it into revenue for your cause.

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