What is iKeedo?

iKeedo is a free fundraising platform that uses the actions of the “the other side” to raise money for causes that matter to you. iKeedo is wholly owned and operated by iKeedo, LLC.

What's with the name?

"iKeedo" is a play on the Japanese martial art Aikido which specializes in using an opponent’s force against them. Our tech acts in much the same way, automating donations based on actions of the opposition.

Is iKeedo affiliated with any of the organizations represented on the website?

iKeedo is in no way affiliated with the organizations represented here beyond the fact that they are using iKeedo’s technology to raise money for their causes. The names and logos used on the site are the sole property of the organizations. iKeedo is simply the new norm in progressive fundraising.

How is my privacy being safeguarded?

iKeedo is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information about our users. Please review our Privacy Policy for full details.

Can anyone use iKeedo?

Yes. Anyone can use iKeedo to make donations to the causes supported on our site.

Can anyone create iKeedo?

Yes and no. iKeedo is a free platform that allows progressive organizations to raise money for good causes. However, iKeedo is not completely open to all. For example, the Klu Klux Klan cannot set up an iKeedo. The Audubon Society can. In general we err on the side of inclusion. Net net, there is a bit of a screening process, but on aggregate our goal is to support an organization’s desire to seek progress. Our Mission Statement pretty much covers what we stand for.

For Donors

Can I contribute to multiple iKeedos at once?

Yes! You may contribute to any cause your wish as many times as you wish. You can track all of your donations via the My Account view of the website once you’ve logged in.

How do I know when I hit my spending cap?

Easy. We’ll send you an email when you’ve reached your cap. We will also let you know when your final payment will be processed. You can also check on the progress of the iKeedos you support from the My Account section of the website after you’ve logged in. We keep the tally of exactly where you stand versus your cap and how the individual cause is doing based on all donors to date.

How is my money being safeguarded?

iKeedo at no time has a direct access to your credit card information or information about any associated bank account. We are a payment facilitator and use Stripe to process all donations. iKeedo simply facilitates the connection between you and the organization(s) you choose to donate money to via our platform.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Whenever possible we try to note which organizations are 501(C) organizations, commonly referred to as “nonprofits”. However, not all donations to 501(C) organizations are tax deductible. Please check with the organization you are interested in funding. More information on 501(C) organizations can be found on the website. We also recommend that you check with your accountant.

Is iKeedo taking a cut of my donation?

Yes. iKeedo retains 5% of all donations, which is on the low side for our type of service. We use this money to help fund technology investments and customer service so that we can continue to support good causes.

When do donations get withdrawn from my account?

We process payments on a monthly basis. We do this by tallying the number of “trigger events” that have occurred in that month and deduct that amount against your spending cap. For example, if you chose to donate $1 to the City of Evanston every time a tree was cut down with a cap of $20 and at the end of the month 5 trees have been cut down, we would deduct $5 from your account and send you an email confirming this transaction. The same thing would happen for every subsequent month until your cap is reached. We never deduct money beyond your spending cap that you set for that iKeedo.

Can I donate using my credit card or another form of payment?

At this time iKeedo is setup to only take credit cards. Our payment processor is Stripe, a leader in this space.

For Clients

How can I create an iKeedo?

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form on our Create an iKeedo page. Don’t sweat the details. We’ll reach out to discuss the iKeedo that’s right for you.

Can iKeedo support multiple initiatives?

Yes! As a client you are able to set up iKeedos to support each of your initiatives or policy stances.

Can I suspend my iKeedo?

Yes. You’ll simply need to contact us at We’ll do our best to pause your account as quickly as possible, generally within 2 business days. When you pause an account it will no longer be accessible or viewable to new donors, however, for active donors (donors who have not yet hit their spending cap) transactions will continue to be processed until their cap is reached.

Can I delete my iKeedo?

No. You can deactivate but not delete an iKeedo. Deactivated iKeedos will no longer be viewable to the general public, but your donors will retain a record of their contributions to your cause via their account view. Accounts can only be deactivated by an authorized account administrator.

Have a question not answered here?

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