How iKeedo Works

For donors

It’s simple: we help you put your money where their mouth is!

1. Find An iKeedo

Pick from dozens of good groups doing great things.

2. Decide How Much You’ll Give

Donations start at just $0.10 per action.

3. Set Your Max Overall Donation

Donations stop automatically when you hit your cap.

For Organizations

Real simple math. Real results.

"The Other Side's" Actions

Donor’s contributions per action

Automatic Donations For Your Cause

Organization / Cause Adjust the numbers below and see how much
Your Organization
can benefit
Trigger Event Your Opponent
Average Dollars Per Action ${$ dollars | number $}
Number Of Participants {$ number | number $}
Impact ${$ dollars * number | number $}
is committed to your organization every time your opponent tweets!
Organization / Cause
Trigger Event Tweets by the NRA
Average Dollars Per Action $3
Number Of Participants 1,327
Impact $3,981
is committed to The Brady Center every time the NRA tweets.
Organization / Cause
Trigger Event Trees cut down
Average Dollars Per Action $0.50
Number Of Participants 5,007
Impact $2,503.50
is committed to Evanston to help fund new plantings for every tree cut down.
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